Orange Key Promotions Tangerine

Switch your payroll deposit to Tangerine and get $120!

Now until October 31, 2014 switch your payroll over to your new or existing Tangerine Chequing account, and you’ll receive $10 a week in Friday Bonus paydays up to $120!

If you combine this offer with others available using the Orange Key available here, you may be eligible to receive as much as $170 or more!  By opening a savings, chequing, or RSP or TFSA with at least a $100 deposit you’ll save big on fees, gain convenience and get a big bonus!  Not the least of which is sleeping better because you’ll know your bank isn’t ripping you off with hidden fees while you’re not looking.

Go here to open your account and reap the savings, and bonuses!


Promotions Tangerine

Tangerine Offers 3% Back to school Savings Sale

Deposits to Tangerine during their Back-To-School Savings Sale which runs from September 1st through September 15th will receive 3% interest until November 30, 2014.  That’s an easy 1 – 2% above what you would normally expect elsewhere!

If you are on the fence about joining Tangerine this is just one reason to sign up.  Another would be their cash bonuses for signing up, information for which can be found here .

To get your 3% interest, head over to Tangerine’s Back To School Savings Page now.