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And now, enjoy their completely fee-less Thrive Chequing account in addition to their savings and lending products so you can do even more online through their excellent online interface and Save Your Money!

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Offer open to Canadian banking customers only, other promotions may apply in other jurisdictions. Orange Key applicable only to new Canadian customers of Tangerine.


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Tangerine named one of Canada’s 10 Most Admired

Waterstone Human Capital announced November 20th that they have chose Tangerine as one of the 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures.

This annual program recognizes Canadian organizations for having strong corporate cultures that contribute to the bottom line.  Tangerine was one of 600 organizations in four categories nominated.  This is the 2nd time Tangerine has named a winner.

This follows the recent launch of “Weology” a book written by Tangerine President, Peter Aceto, a Globe and mail bestseller.

Aceto had this to say: “At Tangerine we have a culture that’s built on transparency and trust; one that allows our teams to deliver and individuals to thrive,” says Aceto. “We’re honoured to be recognized by Waterstone for this unique culture that allows us to continually exceed our client’s expectations while delivering real business results as we work towards our vision of becoming Canada’s leading everyday bank.”

Tangerine serves Canadians by upholding their promises.  You can find out more about that at Our Tangerine Promises.

If you aren’t already a Tangerine Canada client, you should be.  Pick up your Tangerine Orange Key from the front page to get your bonus cash when you take advantage of Tangerine’s excellent no fee banking services.

Banking Canada Promotions Tangerine

New Cash Back Credit Card From Tangerine Canada

Tangerine has unveiled their new cash back credit card, and as you might expect coming from Tangerine, it’s a doozy.  Here’s a short rundown on the benefits.

  • 2% Cash Back in two purchase categories that you choose (and a third category available)
  • 1% Cash Back on everything else
  • No limits on how much cash back like some other cards
  • Possible 2% categories:  groceries, restaurants, drug store, entertainment, furniture, gas, hotel-motel, home improvement, parking/public, recurring bills
  • No Annual Fee as you would expect from Tangerine

Tangerine is currently running a preview for the card, where a smallish group will be chosen to apply first, before going completely open to the public in early 2016.

To register for the cash back Tangerine Canada preview of their 2% card, click here.

Banking Canada Promotions Tangerine

Savings Savvy May Elude Canadians

Tangerine today release a survey showing that only 25% of Canadians rate themselves as ‘Supreme Savers’.   Self reported categories shook down this way:

  • 25% – Supreme Savers
  • 34% – DIY Savers
  • 24% – Savers In The Making
  • 16% – Non Savers

The survey uncovered that on average respondents splurged on unexpected purchases, regularily use their long term savings for things like trips, cars, interior decorating, or never use their savings towards what they were saving for in the first place.

Silvo Stroescu, Managing Director of Deposits at Tangerine has this to say:

There is no doubt that saving money can be difficult, and at Tangerine we strive to make it easier by providing simple tools and resources to help along the way.  One of the simplest ways to save is by setting up an Automatic Savings Program so money automatically goes into savings without you having to think about it.  This can result in more savings, ensuring you’re covered for both your long-term goals and the unexpected.

See more about their savings survey, or sign up for the best deal in banking with our orange key right here.


Banking Canada Tangerine

Tangerine Shows How Small Sacrifices Add Up

Hello Savers!

Tangerine Canada has recently posted a little infographic detailing how small sacrifices can aid your savings and allow you to put more money into your savings, investments, or simply to spend the money on something planned.  Evaluating your priorities so that you know what you are spending your money on can only be a good thing.

Here’s a few examples from Tangerine:

Skip the latte and go on a vacation:    $4.50 every morning = $1,512 or a vacation getaway

Save by making lunch at home:    Eating out costs an average of $10, while a brown bag lunch costs about $2.50 on average.  Savings: $2,520 per year, which could profitably be added to your RRSP contributions and save you some tax money into the bargain!

Check out Tangerine’s forward thinking blog for this item and others like it here.

Banking Canada Promotions Tangerine

Tangerine Extends $50 Orange Key Bonus Until March 31st

Tangerine has extended their exciting promotion where you get up to an $150 cash bonuses for opening an account with them.   A cash bonus on top of their no-fee structure is really a can’t-lose proposition.  Some of the benefits of going with Tangerine for your personal banking are:

  • Higher interest rates than other Canadian banks and credit unions
  • Fee-less account structure
  • No transactions to count or penalties to worry about
  • $250 ‘Whoops’ protection free (free overdraft if paid within 30 days)
  • Free first book of cheques, cheaper rates for more than the banks
  • No minimum balances
  • Currently savings accounts earn 1.30%

If you feel you are getting ripped off at your current bank or credit union, or just want to sign up for the bonus cash, you can do so here.

Banking Canada Promotions Tangerine

Tangerine Magic Money Giveaway

If you like saving money, and would like a chance to win free money, Tangerine Canada is running a promotion for the next year that will allow you to do both.  From now until November 30, 2015, every $25 deposited using an Automatic Savings Program will gain you a ticket to win cash prizes.  Every month 3 winners will be drawn for $1,500, with a grand finale of a $50,000 prize draw in December 2015.    The more you save, the more chances to win!

An Automatic Savings Program is a feature of Tangerine Canada bank that will automatically transfer money into your Tangerine account for you on a schedule you determine.  Save as much or as little as you like, and do it in bite size pieces that will add up for you over time!  For more information go to Tangerine Bank ASP promotion.

Banking Canada Tangerine

Tangerine Canada Launches Forward Thinking Personal Finance Blog

Tangerine has publicly launched their new personal finance blog where consumers can find great informative articles, videos and infographics.  With broad topic areas like savings, spending, investing, borrowing and insights there is something for every area of interest that will educate and inform.  Find their blog at

Would you consider a life with your financial opposite?  Are you a spender or a saver?

Check out the love of money infographic based on a survey by Tangerine here.

With home prices so high, is there still a benefit in home ownership.