Orange Key

Earn Double The Interest And Kick Start Your 2015 TFSA With Tangerine

Is there anyone who doesn’t like earning more money for nothing?  There’s a term that bankers have for that and it’s called ‘interest’ and in this case it’s called “Tangerine TFSA Kickstarter Double Interest” which combines double interest with tax free goodness.

Here’s how it works:

  • Open a TFSA 2015 Kickstarter Account
  • Earn 1.3% interest until December 31st 2014
  • Tangerine matches (doubles) the interest you accrued
  • Tangerine moves your deposit (plus interest) to your actual Registered TFSA January 1, 2015
  • Profit and enjoy your TFSA earnings

For the official word and all the details, enroll here but make sure you note down Orange Key from the top of the page first so you can claim your bonus $50 for opening an account with Tangerine!