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There is no time limit that your deposit needs to be held for.  Just withdraw the money and enjoy your bonus immediately!!

Now consumers can receive $50 free when they sign up for Tangerine’s wide range of online banking services using Orange Key 56203253S1.   Tangerine offers a wide range of modern, convenient banking options that enjoy an almost complete lack of fees in addition to their industry leading interest rates for your saving and borrowing!  This includes TFSA, RRSP, GIC’s, mortgages and more.

And now, enjoy their completely fee-less Thrive Chequing account in addition to their savings and lending products so you can do even more online through their excellent online interface and Save Your Money!

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Offer open to Canadian banking customers only, other promotions may apply in other jurisdictions. Orange Key applicable only to new Canadian customers of Tangerine.


Banking Canada Orange Key Promotions Tangerine

Tangerine named one of Canada’s 10 Most Admired

Waterstone Human Capital announced November 20th that they have chose Tangerine as one of the 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures.

This annual program recognizes Canadian organizations for having strong corporate cultures that contribute to the bottom line.  Tangerine was one of 600 organizations in four categories nominated.  This is the 2nd time Tangerine has named a winner.

This follows the recent launch of “Weology” a book written by Tangerine President, Peter Aceto, a Globe and mail bestseller.

Aceto had this to say: “At Tangerine we have a culture that’s built on transparency and trust; one that allows our teams to deliver and individuals to thrive,” says Aceto. “We’re honoured to be recognized by Waterstone for this unique culture that allows us to continually exceed our client’s expectations while delivering real business results as we work towards our vision of becoming Canada’s leading everyday bank.”

Tangerine serves Canadians by upholding their promises.  You can find out more about that at Our Tangerine Promises.

If you aren’t already a Tangerine Canada client, you should be.  Pick up your Tangerine Orange Key from the front page to get your bonus cash when you take advantage of Tangerine’s excellent no fee banking services.

Orange Key Promotions Tangerine

Switch your payroll deposit to Tangerine and get $120!

Now until October 31, 2014 switch your payroll over to your new or existing Tangerine Chequing account, and you’ll receive $10 a week in Friday Bonus paydays up to $120!

If you combine this offer with others available using the Orange Key available here, you may be eligible to receive as much as $170 or more!  By opening a savings, chequing, or RSP or TFSA with at least a $100 deposit you’ll save big on fees, gain convenience and get a big bonus!  Not the least of which is sleeping better because you’ll know your bank isn’t ripping you off with hidden fees while you’re not looking.

Go here to open your account and reap the savings, and bonuses!